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Hope Rising exists to love others the way Christ has loved us while meeting the educational, physical, and spiritual needs of vulnerable children and their families in rural Uganda, that they may grow to be healthy and whole individuals who are equipped to create lasting change in their communities and nation.


 Values-Based Education

Giving students the otherwise unreachable opportunity to attend school from primary through university with an option of vocational training for those who are suited. We supply school fees, medical care, nutritious meals, boarding, transportation, supplies, and basic necessities, with a final goal being a confident, healthy, and employable young adult. Sponsor a child...


Holistic Health

Food security and clean water are vital to the health of our students and greater community. We currently sustain farming initiatives on our 5 acre property to supply nutritious meals for our 90+ students, selling extra produce to support our school. We currently utilize a water catchment system to collect clean water and are in process of drilling a much-needed well. Fund clean water....


Community Development

Supporting education and vocational training are key in breaking cycles of poverty and supporting a communities' journey toward economic stability. We come alongside by funding school buildings, supplies, and training programs that build skills necessary for individuals to access jobs that will lead to financial independence and hopeful futures. Support community projects...







Children Educated

Days of Meals and Housing 


Kilos of Crops Harvested



On a mission trip in 2005, two grandmothers learned of the plight of Uganda’s vulnerable children and orphans who have no access to education. Returning home, these women shared their desire to help educate and care for the children of Uganda with as many other people as they could. The tireless efforts of these two women combined with the faithful support of friends and family created what was originally called Harvest Home Ministries and has become Hope Rising Uganda under the leadership of Executive Director Lanae Pearson. Learn More...


HOPE: A feeling of expectation for a thing to happen -or- a confidant expectation of what God has promised.


RISING: Increasing.


Uganda is a developing nation, filled with beautiful, hardworking people who have little social welfare support. Basic infrastructure of power and clean water are still lacking in much of the rural countryside. Many children in Lwamasanga Village will not attend school because they lack school fees and are often needed to farm alongside their parents in order to survive. Without the hope that education provides, girls are vulnerable to child marriage and worse. Royal School International provides the highest quality education in the district, with dedicated teachers, nurses, cooks, and administrative staff that ensure the students are healthy and well prepared for national exams. This Ugandan-owned and operated school educates 400 children, many through much needed sponsorships that are some children's best hope of escaping generational poverty. Join us today in igniting hope in the heart of a child by partnering in their education!



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I would like to thank God for the sponsorship, it has made me feel like I can live a happy life. Before I got the sponsorship, I had stopped going to school because of finance issues. I was staying with my aunt because both my parents died when I was young. I was taken to Royal School in primary five and my life became brighter. If I was not sponsored, I would not be the person I am today. I am now in my second year doing clinical medicine. I am so grateful because l am soon becoming a medical worker. God bless all these people who help us to become better people. We love you. - Naluwooza Agnes 



Hope Rising Uganda has provided for my education and school necessities. It provided food for my family during the COVID 19 lockdown. As a result of Hope Rising, my future is different because I will be educated. I hope to become a doctor, but until then I love to take care of my family's goats and cows.  -Gilbert

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I am a second-year student pursuing a diploma in pharmacy. My purpose is to change the lives of people around me because someone with a golden heart  planted a seed in me. Hope Rising Uganda is the foundation of my career life. I have been nurtured by the Royal school since I was young and it is still the best school I have ever attended because it is where I received Christ. Since then my life has changed a lot. It is not just a school, but a family which is restoring hope and painting smiles in the hearts of those who are less privileged. Sponsoring children to have an education is a key factor of changing their lives. - Victor Ssentume



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Join us in caring for a child today in order to transform communities tomorrow! Pray, sponsor, or come with us to ignite HOPE!

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