Social Media platforms have made it easier than ever before to share our ideas and passions with others. This tool allows us to inform and encourage our relational network to learn about and care for issues and causes they may never have known about had we not taken the time to share with them. 

We are grateful to have experienced just how effective campaigns hosted on Facebook and Instagram have been to raise awareness and involvement with the Hope Rising Uganda community. Over the past few years, social media sites have made it easier than ever to quickly and easily raise tax-deductible funds for an organization that you care about -- and at certain times of year they even waive processing fees and offer matching funds to enable contributions to be multiplied!

Past social media campaigns have allowed Hope Rising to raise much-needed funds for special projects, such as providing life-saving funds to support emergency food distributions for our community during pandemic lock-downs. Other times they help to bring awareness to a capacity-building effort such as clean water or business training initiatives. Regardless, we are always so encouraged when our community chooses to support us by leveraging their own social network in support of the beautiful people of Uganda! 

You too, 
can ignite hope in rural Uganda!

Create your own
Facebook Fundraiser

Set your fundraising goal of any amount

Invite your friends to join the fun


Remember to update and say thank you


If you haven't created one of these before, it's pretty simple. Follow this link and choose Hope Rising Uganda as your charity. Scroll down for images you can double click or longtap to save to your device and upload to customize your fundraiser! 

While we are grateful for any amount raised on our behalf, we encourage setting an achievable goal for yourself that is between $100-$1000. Remember,  if you meet your goal quickly, you can always increase it later! 

Invite your friends to contribute to your fundraiser in a personal way. Explain why the cause is meaningful to you and what the amount you hope to raise will be able to accomplish for the sake of Hope Rising's important mission!

Once your fundraiser is live, it's important to share updates during the day to celebrate people giving. This also helps broadcast your message with FB algorithms. Remember to thank each person who contributes with a personal message!

Your efforts fund sustainable programs and disrupt generational poverty for students and the greater community!

  • Business training and finance management program for students, teachers, & parents 
  • Clean water initiatives and community wells
  • Sustainable power for use within classrooms and computer labs
  • Sanitation efforts
  • Teacher housing
  • Income generation projects



 Giving Tuesday Posts

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Fundraising Script Ideas


Hi friends! This Giving Tuesday, I am raising funds for an organization dear to my heart, Hope Rising Uganda. I love their commitment to meeting the educational, physical, and spiritual needs of vulnerable children and their families in rural Uganda so that they may grow to be healthy and whole individuals who are able to create lasting change in their communities and nation. My goal is to raise $___ to help fund business training for both students and their caregivers in order to break generational cycles of poverty in this region and to give families the dignity of being able to provide for their children and livelihoods. Would you consider joining me by contributing any amount toward my goal? 


Hi everyone! Just wanted to jump on and say how encouraged I am by your generosity! We have raised _____ thus far, leaving us _____ to go in order to reach our goal. When we reach our goal, this will mean Hope Rising Uganda has the ability to ___________ (insert corresponding impact from posts above). I can't thank this community enough for coming alongside vulnerable children and their families in Uganda! By funding business training in this community we are giving students and parents critical tools they need to achieve the dreams they hold for themselves and for their futures. If you can't donate, please consider sharing this fundraiser. Let's keep going friends!


Wow friends, we are ALMOST THERE! We have ____ hours left to reach our goal and I know we can get there. If you've been thinking of donating, now is the time! When we reach my goal it will enable Hope Rising Uganda to ______________ . This will greatly aid in their organizational goal of raising $25,000 this Giving Tuesday toward adding capacity building programs in rural Uganda. Thank each and every one of you who have contributed, shared, and liked this fundraiser - we couldn't do this without you! Please follow along on Hope Rising Uganda's page as they travel to Uganda in the upcoming months to implement their new business training program. We can't wait for you to see your contributions at work igniting hope in Uganda!

Thank you so much to all of our amazing friends and supporters - we would not be able to impact the lives of children and their families in Uganda without you! If you need any additional support with your fundraiser do not hesitate to contact us.