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Currently Royal School accesses water via rain catchment or delivery truck. These methods are insufficient and expensive. Hope Rising Uganda has thus far invested in conducting a fracture trace analysis, the first step in surveying the best space to drill a well which will provide clean water for the school, farm, and greater community!

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With 270 students attending Royal School, we are in need of updating and installing new latrines to keep our older female students healthy! 



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Royal Primary School is located in a rural village 100km from Kampala. In order to attract and retain qualified teachers, we must be able to provide comfortable and secure housing.

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The Royal Vocational School is dreaming of adding a software development program to our vocational school to increase job competitiveness for our students. Solar power is needed to run the computer lab. 




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Would you and your community like to make a lasting impact on the lives of children living in rural Uganda? By helping to provide clean water, nutrition, safe housing, and high quality education you are not only igniting hope in young hearts, you are coming alongside a community to help them achieve their dreams of a healthy and abundant future! If you are a coalition of teachers, why not commit to raising housing for teachers in Uganda? If you are a student studying for a STEM career, why not engage your local sorority, fraternity, or club in an effort to provide that same opportunity to eager students in Uganda through our computer lab? If you are privileged to benefit from access to clean, running water, why not make that same gift possible for another by hosting a 5k run or walk for water and sanitation? If you're interested in parting with us in completing a project, we would love to speak to you! 

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