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Water From Wine

Hope Rising Uganda met Water From Wine in 2021 when we first saw a brochure for their organization. We were amazed at their vision to fund clean water projects from the sales of sustainably produced wine and couldn’t believe their generous community giveback program. 


Water from Wine donates 100% of the purchase price of their private label wines to fund clean water projects around the world!!


"The name Water from Wine came from thinking about Jesus’ first miracle in John 2:1-11, when he turned water into wine. The idea was to metaphorically reverse that first miracle and call the organization Water from Wine."






















We immediately started to dream about how a partnership could best fit into our future water projects. In the fall of 2022, Executive Director Lanae Pearson, traveled to the vineyard in Eastern Washington to meet the founders and take part in their annual volunteer-based grape harvest. It was incredible!!! She and her husband picked 40 blue bins of grapes, a whole row by themselves! Water from Wine has just released their 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon Hope Rising Uganda label to raise money for our clean water projects that will benefit the Royal Primary School community

Our Goal is to raise $12,000 to complete three water projects, INCLUDING drilling a well that will benefit the 300 students at Royal Primary, our teaching staff, and our surrounding farming community! Can you help?


Clean Water Changes Everything...

Royal Primary School sits on 26 beautiful acres in an area that gets moderate rainfall followed by drought for a portion of the year. This drought renders otherwise fertile land unproductive during at least one of the growing seasons Uganda’s amazing climate supports. 

During the rainy season we catch and store water at the school using our rooftop catchment system and water storage tanks. However, once the dry season arrives, these storage tanks are quickly depleted and we are forced to buy truckloads of water at great expense to keep our boarding school operable. Our students and teachers rely on this water for drinking, cooking, washing, and bathing. Our school farm relies on this water to grow crops – not only to feed the children, but also to sell at the market in support of the school.














We recently conducted a survey which found that 63% of the Lwamasanga community are walking nearly 4 miles round trip to fetch water. Only 1/3 of them are accessing a good source. A clean, reliable water source would be life changing for over 300 hundred students, their parents, 24 teachers, and many farmers in the nearby Lwamasanga village, improving their school attendance, economy, environment, and health.

Every dollar invested in water and sanitation interventions gives a $4.30 return in the form of reduced health care costs, reduced pollution of water and land resources, and gains in quality of life. - CDC.GOV.
































Completed and Upcoming Projects:


Royal Primary School currently has a catchment system that has been in place for several years. While it is currently working, it is in need of some repair and additional tanks and upgrades to serve the needs of the growing school. We recently completed phase one of our catchment system upgrade project. We installed gutters on our newest building and four concrete tank bases. 


The next phase of this project will be  purchasing and installing four catchment tanks and repairing or replacing any damaged existing equipment.


Our final MAJOR project will be to complete our well drilling project. We pursued a fracture trace analysis which offered specific details about the best place to drill on our land. We will be working with an experienced  nonprofit drilling organization to make this dream a reality, providing an ongoing and proximate source of clean water not only for our teachers and students, but for the greater community as well! 


Saves Time

Less time fetching water = more time invested in more productive tasks

Supports Health

Clean water = better sanitation and less exposure to disease

Improves Farming

Year-round water = three season growing for our school and community

Promotes Education

Clean water = healthy and present children ready and able to learn

Improves Economy

Access to water = more time to invest in thriving local businesses

Saves Money

Consistent water = not having to purchase water during the dry season

Of course there are many ways to support Hope Rising Uganda and ignite hope in the heart of a child (without buying wine)! We'd LOVE for you to consider becoming a monthly supporter of our holistic ministry today.  

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